Grand Avenue Animal Hospital provides a full spectrum of veterinary care in Billings,  Montana  that includes medical, dental and surgical care, including orthopedics. Listed below are many of our services. If you have any questions about these or additional services please contact our office for more information.


Preventive Medicine

  • Wellness exams: We recommend annual exams. The earlier a problem is discovered, the sooner treatment or preventive therapy can begin. An annual exam becomes even more important as your pet ages.
  • Vaccinations: Selected according to your pets lifestyle.
  • Parasite Control: Medications available to treat both internal and external parasites.
  • Microchips: Available for the permanent identification of your pet.


Laboratory Services

We offer  complete blood testing and urinalysis from routine to specialized tests.



We offer a complete pharmacy of prescription drugs and food. We also offer drug compounding for many medications.



X-rays of any part of the body and hip dysplasia certification.


Dermatology (skin, ears, allergies)

Diagnosis, treatment and management of a variety of skin and ear conditions.



Diagnosis and treatment of eye and eyelid disorders, including dryeye, glaucoma and corneal and retinal diseases. Referral to board certified veterinary ophthalmologist for cataract removal available.



Thorough, gentle rotosonic dental cleaning and polishing recommended on a routine basis to prevent dental disease and the spreading of bacteria through the bloodstream that may damage the heart, liver and kidneys. Laser treatment of serious gum diseases available.


Internal Medicine

Services include hematology, cardiology, gastrointestinal, respiratory, liver,  kidney, bladder, endocrine imbalances and more.  We offer thyroid surgery for feline hyperthyroidism.


Soft Tissue Surgery

A full range of soft tissue surgery including elective spays and neuters using one of the safest anesthetic protocols are available with continuous cardiac and respiratory monitoring. Laser surgery and post surgical pain relief emphasized.


Laser Surgery

Available and recommended for any soft tissue surgery because of its ability to seal blood vessels and nerve endings resulting in less bleeding and pain and a faster recovery. For more information visit



Diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the brain and nervous system including epilepsy and spinal disc surgery (back surgery).



A full range of medical and surgical treatments for arthritis, bone fractures and ligament and joint trauma. We offer IM pins, bone plating, screw fixation, external fixation and external splints and casts. Anterior Cruciate Repair: (ACL) We offer surgical repair for this common injury/ condition.


Oncology (Cancer)

Diagnosis and treatment of many types of cancer. Both surgery and chemotherapy available.

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