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Dr. Doug Honken

Dr. Mike Stevens  graduated from the veterinary school of medicine at Washington State University,  joining his wife’s practice at Grand Avenue Animal Hospital. Together they bring unique teamwork and a personal, client-orientated atmosphere to the practice.

Lori at Grand Avenue Animal HospitalLori, Receptionist

Lori joined our practice over 6 years ago. She came highly recommended from a practice in South Dakota that was sorry to lose her.  We are very happy to have her.


Candice at Grand Avenue Animal HospitalCandice, Veterinary Assistant & Kennel Attendant

Candice joined the practice as a very capable assistant in the fall of 2009. She graduated from Apollo College in Washington and has been an eager, enthusiastic addition.

Kayleena from Grand Avenue Animal HospitalKaylee, Veterinary Assistant

Kaylee joined our clinic in May 2012 as a full time Veterinary Assistant.  She is full of enthusiasm and really cares for the animals. Kaylee and her husband live in Park City with their cat and two dogs.

Hannah at Grand Avenue Animal HospitalHannah,  Veterinary Assistant

Hannah joined our practice in January 2013 as a part time veterinary assistant and was moved to full time in 2013.  She resides in Billings with her two dogs and cats.


IMG_2708Hollie,  Receptionist

Hollie joined our practice in the Spring of 2015.  She is an excellent receptionist, enthusiastic and friendly.  she is also an accomplished artist and of course loves animals.




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